Our services

Our services comprise the following:

  • Cabling (flying rigs, spinning rigs, ascending rigs, harnesses, etc)
  • Hydraulics (From small rigs all the way to rigging a large bus)
  • Electronics (In-house electronic systems, circuits and boards tailor-made for any requirements)
  • Mechanical rigs (From small sized mechanics all the way to large animated sets and props)
  • Timers (For all kinds or of rigs, be it mechanical, electronic, remote-controlled or hydraulic)
  • Turntables (From small turntables for a diamond ring to platform-sized turntables for large vehicles)
  • Rain Machines (All sizes, effects, angles, densities, etc)
  • Smoke machines (For indoors as well as outdoors and open spaces)
  • Wirelessly remote-controlled (All our rigs and effects are wirelessly remote-controlled for full operation control and safety at a distance)

Art direction
Conceptualizing, designing, and overseeing advertising and marketing production. We create, maintain and direct the look and feel of all the advertising materials used in a campaign, ensuring clear, engaging and effective communication of our client's message to the appropriate audience.
Our crafting skills have been utilized by advertising agencies, film production companies, photographers, marketing firms, design firms, theme parks and museums.We are happy to work with clients with neigh-impossible requests on tight deadlines.
Set building
HotSpot has built a variety of flats over the years, and we've used a variety of materials in doing so. We combine modern technology with traditional techniques to achieve suspension of disbelief quickly and efficiently. If you can dream it, we can build it!
Stunts and special effects
Whether it's stunt coordination of any kind, cabling, flying or spinning rigs, bullets, explosions or any kind of sophisticated SFX your project may require. HotSpot stunts & special effects unit has a solution for it.

With the help of our in-house SFX specialist and assistants as well as our in-house certified pro-gear.

We will provide you with a trouble-free production with the highest safety measures. Tailor-made rigs according to production and shooting needs. We are always excited to get challenging requests from our clients.
Movable panel System
Are you challenged and restrained to find this exact location with a specific look and style? Do you feel limited to modify whatever you want in the location you're renting for your shoot? Have you ever felt limited or contained by a wall or a ceiling to get this special camera angle/shot you want?

Our own movable panel or contained by a wall or a ceiling to get this special camera angle/shop you want?

Our own movable panel system is the solution!!!

We build you the exact interior location you need inside of our new studio or anywhere your production may require. Our movable panels allow us to make you that L-shaped room you may need, a triangular one or any tailor-made design you may require.

Choose the colors you fancy, with windows, doors borders and even with the 50-year old worn-off paint you need to make it look old. Our experienced crew is fully capable of building you the location you desire, wherever and however you want it.

We guarantee to make it according to your exact specifications and requirements. In addition this "Movable panel system" comes in very competitive pricing as opposed to the rental locations which tend to limit your production and often time-consuming.
Art department / Set construction
A leader in art-department, Hot Spot has extensive experience in sophisticated art department works and advances set-design and construction. All designed, executed and testes in house by our experts in our own workshops with high-tech systems such as hydraulics, electronics and mechanicals, all wires sly remote-controlled to meet the highest operational standards.

From simple Art Department set-ups for any shoot on location to tailor-made sets in our studio or anywhere you need as our new movable panel system allows for extreme mobility, flexibility and infinite possibilities of angles and camera positions.

Should you require a design and or quotation to be made for your project, we will provide you immediately from step 1 with all the info, notes and suggestions you need and a 2 D design for what's required.

On step 2, 3D design is made prior to final approval and execution.

Our in-house production designer art director and assistants are always ready to get you and make you what your production needs.
Production services
Our film and TV production team offers a wide range of comprehensive production services:

  • Budgeting for all kind of film and TV projects
  • Legal issues (Permits, equipments & crew entry, visas, etc...)
  • Crew hiring (We deal with the most professional crews)
  • Casting (We deal with the best casting directors agencies with a database of thousands of talents from all nationalities races and styles)
  • Locations (Locations & Location scouting according to your needs)
  • Technical support (Top-end equipment rental and technical solutions)
  • Logistics (Transportation, accommodation, bookings, visas, etc)
  • Studios (Different sizes and set-ups including our Table-Top Studio)
  • Art department, Set design & Construction, Stunts & Special effects
  • Post production ( We deal with top of the range from TK and 3D animation to master-tape, as well as our solution partners . Full fledge post production services with the highest standard and very competitive prices)